Our Apples


Our customers tell us we have the best apples on the planet.


This year we have a bumper crop of apples and they are beautiful.


In September, we start with:

  • Honeycrisp
  • Gingergold
  • MacIntosh
  • Royal Gala

After that we have:

  • Ambroshia
  • Jonagold
  • Macoun
  • Mutsu
  • Courtland
  • Golden Russet
  • Spartan
  • Snow
  • Red and Golden Delicous

In response to our customers requests, we have reintroduced historic heritage apples, such as:

  • Northern Spy
  • Snow
  • Spartan
  • Wealthy
  • Cox Orange Pippin

Our price for apples are higher then the price at supermarkets.


Minimum purchase of pick your own apples which is $10 per person incluidng children.


For example, a group of 5 people must purchase a minimum of $50.


Our apples taste wonderful and all variaties are eating apples.


For baking, we recommend; Macoun, Mutsu and Courtland.


For applesauce, we recommend; MacIntosh, Macoun and Mutsu.


Come and pick some apples soon before they are gone.


Our apples are sold by weight.  Our apples are priced higher.












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